Social Media Marketing Course

Understand how social media can help to generate leads in low budget business. Learn techniques to engage more audience via social media channels. Small class sizes for optimum delegate trainer interaction.

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How can this course help boost your Social Media Marketing Skills?

Taking an online social media course can help broaden your understanding of these platforms.  Not only to sharpen your skills as a user, but they can also teach you some valuable business skills. You can learn how to use, target, and sell on social media, or how to build a new audience of new customers across multiple platforms.  If you’re looking to move into a career related to online marketing, social media skills are essential.  Social media managers, copywriters, campaign strategists and more all need a strong understanding of how the platforms work and how to reach potential customers effectively.  A social media course can also help with things like communication, organization, creativity, and data analysis.

  • Social media networks overview
  • Optimize your social media profiles
  • Social media strategies
  • Build your advocate community
  • Social content marketing
  • Social advertising fundamentals
  • Social media marketing exam (optional)

Social Media Course Outline

The course covers the following topics:

Introduction to SM
  • What is social media?
  • The power of social proof
  • How can social media help my business?
  • Risks and drawbacks
Planning for Social Media
  • How social media aligns with your business plan 
  • Establishing your identity and your message
  • Social media and SEO
Introduction to Blogging
  • Why blogging is so important
  • What to blog about
  • Guest blogging and commenting
  • Using graphics and images
  • How to get the best out of Twitter
  • Understanding Twitter jargon
  • Using retweets, hashtags, and lists
  • Tools to make Twitter easier
  • Finding people with influence
  • Adding a Twitter widget on your site/blog
  • Customizing your Twitter background  
  • Enhancing your profile
  • Building connections and recommendations
  • Using groups and answers to drive traffic
  • Comparing profiles, groups, and pages
  • Developing a page
  • Making the most of timeline
  • Promoted Posts & Ads on Facebook​
Who should attend this Social Media Training Course?

The course is aimed primarily at marketing professionals and small business owners, but it also recommended for anybody who is willing to enhance their website traffic and conversion rate.

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Social Media Masterclass Overview

Social media is helping you to improve brand awareness, lead generation, branding, and increasing the recognition of your brand. Through social media profiles, you can get new opportunities such as share content and present your brand’s personality in front of the right audience.

Our 1-day social media course provides a thorough introduction to the essentials of social media and how to use it in the right way to support your objectives and grow your business. Delivered with a practical and strategic focus, the training answers fundamental questions many business owners may have, such as:

  • How to engage more audience?
  • How to Increase Brand Awareness?
  • How often should I post?

And many more. We won’t just cover the principles; we’ll help you to formulate a strategy for optimizing your social media activities and to truly deliver meaningful business impact.


Module A: Social Media Marketing Basics

This module will introduce you to the most popular social networks used by businesses and how businesses and professionals engage on these social networks to accomplish their objectives.

In this lesson, you will become familiar with the social media platforms mainly used for social media marketing and the types of audiences that mostly use these platforms. You will discover how to choose what platforms are best for your business and how to become a social media specialist!


Module B:  Social Media Profile

This chapter will teach you which elements you should focus on for every network and the best practices to keep in mind so you can set your company up for business success. you will learn how to create accounts on the main social media platforms as well as how to optimize your profile so that you are easily found online. This lesson covers Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



Module B
Best Practices for Optimizing Social Media Profiles
Optimizing Your Profile Settings on Twitter
Strategic Best Practices for Twitter List
Optimizing Your Profile Settings on Facebook Pages
Strategic Best Practices for Facebook Pages
Optimizing Profile Settings on LinkedIn Company Pages
Optimizing Business Profile Settings on Instagram
Optimizing Profile Settings on YouTube


Module C:  The right strategy for social media

This online class will teach you how to identify your target audience for social media marketing. You will gain an understanding of who is using social media, how to identify your target audience, and the elements to consider when compiling your target audience and segmenting them into buyer personas.


Learn about setting Goals, Objectives, KPIs, and Tactics, laying out timing and key dates, budgeting, defining brand persona and voice for social channels, incorporating content marketing into a social context, social media governance and crisis management, and measuring ROI.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

What Is a Social Media Strategy?

Learn social media marketing strategies that work! In this content-packed lesson, you will learn about the various elements that are required to build a social media strategy for successful social media marketing. Identifying goals, how to measure your success, and identifying the various platforms and content types that you will use to market your business on social media are key aspects of this lesson.

The Value of a Social Media Strategy
Essential Components of a Social Media Strategy
Conducting a Social Media Audit

Setting Strategic Goals
Setting Goals, Objectives, and KPIs
Budgeting for a Social Media Program

Social Media Best Practices
Tactics and Tools
Factoring in Timing and Key Dates
3.3 Specifying Brand Persona and Voice
3.4 Putting Together a Content Game Plan

Lesson 4: Operational Considerations
4.1 How to Set Up the Roles and Responsibilities on Your Team
4.2 Implementing Social Media Governance within Your Organization
4.3 Creating a Crisis Management Plan


Module d: Content Writing for Social Media

This lesson introduces you to various social media content types, the content development process and what makes engaging content for your audience, as well as what your audience wants from you.


Module e: SEO for Social Media

Social media platforms are now indexed by Google, so they have to be part of your SEO strategy. Creating a connection between your website and your social media platforms is the key to success. In this lesson, you will learn about social signals for SEO, social sharing, and the indexing process, as well as the relevance of backlinks from social platforms and some interesting tools.

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Resume Generation

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You should have set up or have access to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest account before attending.

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