SEO Training

A website is essential but useless if a search engine cannot find it to pull up during a customer’s search. Search Engine Optimization is critical because SEO will influence your website exposure when potential customers search the web. Search engines like Google, use search engine indexing software to scan the web to find and index your website.



Essential for your company

Most companies in Egypt may need SEO Training Courses for their marketing departments. Every business must have a website and every website must be optimized for search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is the answer and the solution. website will be ranked based on multiple factors by the search engine; the higher the ranking, the higher up in the search engine your website will appear.



Knowledge of which factors to focus on to improve your SEO ranking will define the success of your website. At DTE, we specialize in SEO Training Courses in Egypt and the entire MENA region. Our SEO Courses are conducted in either Arabic or English. Arabic SEO is one of our niche specialties here DTE, we can assist your company learn SEO for the Middle East with ease.

SEO Training Modules

What are the SEO Training Course Modules

In this SEO Course, we will cover basic SEO Fundementals and basics 

SEO Modules
Advanced SEO

Basic SEO Course

SEO Project – Requirements & Targets
  •  Discuss and Finalize Client business targets
  •  Based on Client’s business targets, prepare SEO project requirements
  •  Based on Target, finalize client’s products/services/primary keywords
  •  Understanding domain/website & how they work
  •  Types of websites & their importance
  •  Basics of world wide web (www) / Internet
  •  What is Internet Marketing/ Digital Marketing?
  •  Types of Internet Marketing & their importance
  •  Introduction to Search Engines & their importance
  •  Economical & Social Impact of Major Search Engines
  •  How Search Engines Work?
  •  Search Engines Algorithms & Architecture
  •  Introduction to Google Search Engine
  •  Understanding Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  •  Basic & Advance Search Commands/Operators
  •  Google Search Algorithm & its Capabilities/Functions
  •  Page Rank Technology & it’s impact in Ranking Calculation
  •  Introduction to Google Algorithm Updates
SEO Module A 
Initial Website Analysis & Competitor Analysis

Complete Website Analysis (On-Page & Off-Page) Fix Critical Issues·  Cleanup Spam backlinks – Link Profile Cleanup

Keyword Research, Analysis & Clustering

  •  Introduction to Keyword Research
  •  Types of Keywords and their impact on SERPs
  •  How to find successful keywords to meet project targets
  •  How to Use Free & Premium Keyword Research Tools
  •  3 Powerful techniques of Keyword Research
  •  Filter, Cluster & Finalize keywords for the project
  •  Leveraging long tail & Geo intent keywords
  •  Q & A session


Advanced SEO Course


SEO friendly website design & development 

 SEO friendly site structure  

Understanding HTML needed for SEO 

 How to ensure usable, crawlable & indexable site structure 

What you should know about On-site optimization 

Importance of On-page SEO & it’s weightage in Google Ranking 

Keywords in Domain Name Vs Branding


On-Page SEO Activities
  •  Title Tag optimization
  •  Meta description tag optimization
  •  Filename optimization
  •  SEO friendly URL structure
  •  Canonical Tags optimization
  •  Website speed optimization with the help of development team
  •  Robots.txt optimization
  •  Sitemap.xml optimization
  •  Integrating keywords throughout webpage
  •  Keyword density management
  •  Using keywords in H1, H2, H3…H6 tags
  •  Image tag optimization (Alt)
  •  Rich media optimization (video)
  •  Using keywords in Content
  •  Content duplicate check and fix
  •  Content optimization – How to find high quality content
  •  Understanding quality content, engaging content, value added content & converting content.
  •  Optimizing internal links
  •  Outgoing links optimization
  •  301 Url redirection
  •  404 error page optimization
  •  W3C validation
  •  Usage of frames / iframes and their impact
  •  Header & Footer optimization
  •  Heat map optimization
  •  On-Page SEO best practices
  •  Q & A session

Advanced SEO Module C Off-Page SEO

  •  Introduction to Off-Page SEO
  •  Importance of Off-Page SEO & it’s weightage in Search Rankings
  •  Introduction to Link building
  •  How links/ backlinks effect search engine rankings
  •  How to build effective link building strategy to get Top 10 rankings on Google,

Real World Practice 

  •  Types of backlinks
  •  Most powerful backlinks that Google don’t want you to know
  •  How to avoid Google penalties and build future compatible links
  •  How to recover from Google spam penalties
  •  Nofollow Vs Dofollow links
  •  Installing Google Analytics
  •  Installing Google webmaster tools
  •  Types of Linking methods – Do’s & Don’ts
  •  Analyzing overall backlink profile
  •  What is natural backlink profile and its importance?
  •  XML sitemap submission and indexing on major search engines (Google, Yahoo,


Advanced SEO Strategies

White Hat, Grey Hat & Black Hat links – Do’s and Don’ts

  •  How to use free tools for link building
  •  Using premium tools for advanced link building (Ahres, SEMrush, majestic)
  •  What are quality backlinks and how to build them?
  •  Scalable Vs Non-Scalable backlinks
  •  Importance of website submission to search engines
  •  Web directory backlinks optimization
  •  Free links Vs Paid links
  •  How to do guest blog posting for quality backlinks
  •  Using third party blogs for links and traffic
  •  Google maps & local business listings
  •  Blog commenting links optimization
  •  Forum backlinks optimization
  •  Free classifieds links optimization
  •  Article directory links optimization
  •  Social bookmarking links optimization
  •  Web2.0 links optimization
  •  Press release backlinks optimization
  •  Videos creation and link building
  •  Pdf creation and link building
  •  RSS feed creation, submission and optimization
  •  Blog creation and targeting for desired keyword ranking
  •  Social media optimization – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest,Instagram, etc.
  •  Off-Page SEO best practices