Doing Business with the West

Western Culture Minset
Understanding Western Culture.

Intercultural Training Course

Let’s face a fact here. East is East and West is West. There are fundemental difference between both culture. Many companies around the world fail to understand how to see the world from western nations perspectives. The results can be fatal, lost business deals and miscommunication. This courses will address all these points and will shed the light of how to do business with western nations from a middle eastern prospective. This is about internationalization for better business. Call to actions differ from one country to another also, one funny comment in an ad copy could be very offensive in another. We will teach some business English terms , some humor and relate it to Digital Marketing in terms of how to design a landing page and brings conversions. Recommend you  some colors to use and also will teach you how to write content that targets western countries such as United States , U.K , Europe and Australia. 


This course will provide you with the needed tools and strategies that will help you sell more products and services to western nations.

International Digital Marketing

Intercultural Digital Training Marketing Course

The course main goal is to help Egyptian and middle eastern companies understand western nations such as the USA,Canada and United Kingdom. 

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