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If you have a website or a Facebook page in Egypt or the Middle East, we are able to train you on how to plan, build and optimize ads. We provide Digital Advertising Training Courses in Egypt including Google Ads and Facebook Advertising training courses. Our courses include working on live Facebook groups and pages that you will be able to run ads. We will also train you on Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords. We will build few landing pages and show you how to get conversions and create a sales funnel. We also recommend you our lead generation course known as CRO.

Our Digital Ads course will teach you some tips and tricks that Google will never tell you. All the Google Ads tips will save your company a lot of money and still bring you converting leads.

PPC Training Modules

Google Ads Course Modules

In this course you will learn Google Ads fundamentals. SEM Auctions and keywords bidding strategies  as well as match types. Also, in this course you will learn types of ads and campaign optimization and more.

Google Ads Basics
Google Ads Advanced
Facebook Ads Training

Facebook Ads Training Modules

Learn how to generate leads from Facebook. You will also learn how to run ads on Facebook in which they have many types of ads available. You will learn about building audience and location targeting and more

Facebook Ad Modules
Advanced FB Modules
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