Digital Marketing Corporate Training

This course has been designed to take a marketing novice from beginner all the way up to expert level. Whether you have employees within your marketing department that need a knowledge boost, or if you have an interest in marketing, this course will be able to help you. Upon completion of this course, you can expect to not only fill your knowledge gaps, but also have the ability to plan, generate and analyze many different types of marketing strategy to an excellent standard.

Course Outline

Module CT1
An introduction to Digital Marketing
A brief description of what digital marketing is

  • The many different channels used in the digital marketing.
  • How a customer will decide whether or not to make an online purchase.
  • A list of terminology used in the field.
  • A ‘Content Management System’ overview.
  • A brief explanation of different marketing strategies and business models.

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • What is SEO?
  • The importance of knowing the mechanics of search engines.
  • The process of optimizing ‘On-page’ and ‘Off-page’ SEO, and the importance of them both being accurately optimized.
  • The use of On-page SEO to optimize text/voice search.
  • What makes up On-page SEO?
  • Choosing and using ‘Keywords’.
  • Building a website
  • What are ‘White hat’, ‘Gray hat’ and ‘Black hat’ techniques?
  • ‘Google Search Console’- what is it and how to set it up.
  • Methods for seeing whether Google can “see” everything.
  • How to identify what is highly engaging content and site elements.
  • Best practice for recycling already existing content.

Off-Page SEO

  • What is ‘Off-page’ SEO?
  • Areas of Off-page SEO that help with creating a brand name (bounce rate, domain/page authority, trust and domain age)
  • How to boost your domain/page authority level.
  • Backlinks: How do they aid a website in ranking within the first page?
  • Backlinks: What to know before getting a backlink.
  • Backlinks: How to find relevant sites for backlinks.
  • Backlinks: How social media is used for generating backlinks.
  • Googling your business listing.
  • What is required to run a complete website audit?
  • Heatmap mouse tracking and real-time analytics.
  • How to advance your website’s performance, ‘SERP’ (Search Engine Results Page) ranking and user experience.

Marketing and Optimization (Mobile Version)

  • What is mobile marketing?
  • Why being mobile friendly is so important for success.
  • What is an ‘Accelerated Mobile Page’ (AMP) and why is it necessary?
  • How the marketing-mix is incorporated into mobile (‘Push notifications’ & ‘In-app notifications’).
  • How to construct and monetize and app.
  • How to list your app on the app stores.
  • How to optimize for the app store.
  • Mobile marketing via email.
  • Generating a marketing campaign through someone else’s app.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)- Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

  • What is search engine and PPC marketing?
  • How to use the ‘Google AdWords’ tool?
  • What types of ad does Google AdWords cater for? (Search ads, Video ads, Display ads and Product listing ads).
  • What are the key components of PPC marketing? (picking/using Keywords, generating a great USP, building a landing page that converts and convincing ads).
  • Conversion tracking and the creation of ‘Search and Display’ campaigns.
  • A/B testing and controlling an experiment within Google AdWords.
  • Linking to ‘Google AdWords’ and ‘Google Analytics’.

SEM- PPC Marketing

  • What are ‘Shopping ads’?
  • Signing up to ‘Merchant Center’.
  • Generating and monitoring your Shopping Ads campaign.
  • Mobile app ads vs Universal app ads
  • A tool for working offline- AdWords Editor.
  • The Key Elements (‘Quality Score’ and ‘Ad Rank’).
  • Automated tools for managing your AdWords campaign.
  • Automated tools for managing your AdWords biding.
    How to see your audience insights using AdWords.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Need help with your Social Media Marketing campaigns?

Advanced Corporate Training

Module CT2

  • What is ‘Remarketing Campaign’?
  • How to install Remarketing Campaign into AdWords.
  • What is Over-The-Top (OTT) marketing?
  • The different OTT platforms available and how to monetize them (in India).
  • How to create a channel and market on YouTube.
  • Best practices for marketing on YouTube.
  • How to create and monitor your video ad campaign.
  • Improving your reach and awareness through YouTube prime packs.
  • Incorporating YouTube into social media.
  • YouTube reports and analytics.
  • How to use YouTube comments and sharing for your SEO.


Module CTSM-1

Why Social Media Marketing is important for success and its uses (Social Influencing, Social Selling, Social Listening and Social Networking).

  • Vital steps to take in order to achieve social media success.
  • How to build a social media marketing plan.


  • Building a Facebook ad campaign.
  • How to use ‘Power Editor’ to build your campaign.
  • ‘Facebook Pixel’.
  • Customizing your audience and remarketing.
  • Event tracking and conversions.
  • What is the Facebook store?
  • ‘Facebook Insights’.


  • Building an ad campaign.
  • Influencer marketing.


  • Professional vs Personal profiles.
  • Things to acknowledge when creating a business profile.
  • Methods for lead prospecting.
  • Building an ad campaign.
  • Marketing articles using ‘LinkedIn Pulse’.


  • Creating a brand (best practices).
  • Hashtag marketing.
  • How to write an engaging tweet.
  • Building an ad campaign.
  • ‘Twitter Cards’.
  • A tool for social listening.

   Social Media Tools 

  • Auto scheduler (for posts).
  • Alert tools (for mentions).
  • Twitters ‘most discussed topics’ analysis.
  • Acknowledging who is a potential customer in an audience.
  • Operate all communication from one platform.
  • Listening and engaging with your audience.
  • ORM (‘Online Reputation Management’).
  • Commonly seen issues with managing your reputation.
  • The ORM process (Monitoring, Prevention and Cleaning).

Module CTSM-2

Marketing Automation

  • The important of automation of marketing
  • The issue that marketers are faced with
  • Introducing marketing automation programs and its base feature
    • Lead capture automation
    • Lead Development
    • Acceleration of sales
    • Analytics


      Setting up Marketing automation

      • Dashboard for lead Management
      • Customization of lead form
      • Import of leads
      • Landing pages
      • Details about leads
      • Scoring leads
      • Lead filtering
      • Configuring and managing lead stages
      • Segmenting leads
      • Email Campaigns
      • Reports & Analytics


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